Monday, September 23, 2013

Tea For Three!

Last week my friend Melissa came to visit. We were watching Project Runway and out of nowhere she said "I really wish we could have a tea party soon" and without looking away from the television I declared "Done". That evening I went to the shops to buy everything I needed for a very mini tea party. I bought different kinds of teas: traditional, sweet and fruity, also I bought a box of cute Walkers shortbread to share. Shortbread is my very favorite biscuit, they come from my home country, Scotland, and I like to let my American friends enjoy it.

Melissa and our other friend, Betty, arrived together, they were dressed so cutely in pearls, skirts and high heels! They looked very trendy. Melissa had brought cranberry scones and Betty brought yummy chocolate biscuits! They all sat down and I got the tea ready. To my horror I discovered that one of the teas I had bought was loose leaf and I didn't have an infuser. Luckily my guests were really chill, we ended up drinking a whole box worth of vanilla tea instead.

As my guests were leaving Betty noticed a massive spider outside my house. It was almost the size of my palm, with yellow legs the width of my pinkie finger and a menacing black body. It chased us a bit and we ran back into the house. It was seriously the scariest thing ever! Melissa, who is braver than Betty and I, herded us back out and we went to buy some ultra powerful bug spray for large spiders and scorpions. When we got back to my house we ran past it once more and camped out watching even more Project Runway until my boyfriend came and sprayed it. It was so, so scary!

Besides the spider incident our day was quite lovely. I wore St. Mephistos Cathedral by Alice and the Pirates for the first time, it made me feel so refined! I very much hope that we can have another tea party again soon, next time Melissa says she will host it. Yay!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lolitina Music Video....The Good, The Bad and The Boring

So the music video was just released for Lolitina, the debut song by everyone's favorite lolita model, Misako Aoki. When I saw the video pop up on my Facebook page I was thrilled, finally a full length music video featuring brand, glorious, glorious brand! However the experience left me feeling underwhelmed. Let's talk about the Lolitina music video.


Misako is adorable
All of the outfits are perfectly coordinated

The video is extremely professional and visually quite striking



Misako has the energy and personality of an deflated petticoat

Seriously, I love Misako Aoki, I think she's just fantastic, but she seemed so uninterested in performing it's ridiculous. In every shot, every single bloody shot, she seemed bored as hell and as a viewer that bored me to tears as well. Even during her dancing it seems that she is putting as little effort into it as possible, I'm almost impressed by how dull she was able to make a video that otherwise hit the nail square on it's head.

Now I don't speak Japanese, but unless the song is about how tired she is of being dressed up all the time then there really isn't an excuse for her to be acting this way. It's a shame because the song is not bad at all, despite the use of auto tune, and the video itself was really good. I did a little digging and found another video of her performing the song live, complete with shoeless back up dancers. 

"Only Misako may wear brand shoes, dance in your socks you filthy peasants"

In this live performance she appears equally bored by the whole production. "La la, I'm having a good sing song. Wonder what's on the telly right now? Oh right, probably this. La la la. Gonna have me some pizza after this". I just don't understand. 

So all in all I'd say watch the video. Once. Or twice if you're especially keen. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen but it certainly didn't leave an impression either.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lolita Sale

That's right Rufflebutts, it's sale time! Check out my shop for cute jumperskirts, skirts and more!
Make sure to e-mail me right away if you want an item, priority goes to the first person who gives me their Paypal address.

Happy shopping darlings! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Casual Pastel

There are many days in my life where wearing lolita is simply not appropriate, or, as is occurring more frequently as I grow older, I just don't feel like donning the frills. On these days I still want to look cute, and I've fallen in love with a style I have dubbed "Casual Pastel". Casual Pastel is exactly what it sounds like: cute, pastel clothing worn in a casual way. Here are three different Casual Pastel coordinates, one for a weekend spent shopping for cd's and hanging out at coffee houses, another inspired by gentle summer flowers and another for a fun date at a carnival! Which one is your favorite? 

 Weekend Pastel

1. A Ponytail Tied with a Cute Ribbon 2. Leipzig Hoodie in Mint and Pink by Modcloth 3. Dark Skinny Jeans 4. Matching Sneakers in Two Different Colours

Petal Pastel

1. Scalloped Shorts 2. This Is The Daisy Top by Modcloth 3. Floral Headband with Pastel Hair 4. Pastel Loafers

Date Pastel

1. Cute Bun 2. Pastel Pink Tee 3. Sweet As Sugar Cone Necklace by Modcloth 4. Pastel Blue Skirt 5. Lavendar Sneakers

Be sure to check out the other Lolita Blog Carnival members entries for more of their favorite styles outside of lolita!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ten Little Pandas

Yesterday I applied false nails for the first time and I am absolutely in love with them! I was sent a set of pink and purple panda nails from Bonita Bonbon Nails, they are really lovely. Before Bonita made them for me I had to measure my nails in millimeters which is a little tricky. I must have ended up ordering a few of the nails a bit too small, they still fit but they don't look perfect (that was totally my fault though).

When I got my set in the mail I was blown away by how professional the packaging was. The nails came in a protective box that included a nail file, business card, "thank you" note and instruction page (it also normally comes with nail glue but I live in another country from Bonita so the posting of liquid is prohibited). The instructions were clear and detailed, with directions for putting the nails on and taking them off.

Holding my Rarity nail polish. She is my spirit animal.

A recommended step in the process was to use the nail file to shape the bottoms of the nails to your cuticles, making them look more natural. I opted to skip this step because I was nervous about messing up the adorable, hand painted pandas. I think they ended up looking just fine.

Putting on the nails was surprisingly easy. I just added one drop of glue to the back of each false nail, placed it onto my real nail and pressed down for three seconds. I was skeptical that the glue would dry so quickly but it totally did! My only mishap was when I put a nail on my right hand, I was not very dexterous and ended up pressing it on at a squint angle. There isn't anything I can do to fix it now that it's on so I'm just going to roll with it.

My nails got me plenty of compliments today!

Overall I'm ecstatic with my nails. I have the feeling that I'm hooked for life now and will be buying a lot more in the future!

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