Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wearing Lolita to Work

Cherry Berry Bunny may be adorable, but it's not something that you can wear to the office (well, not without a reprimand). However, all is not lost! It is absolutely possible to wear lolita to work regularly and still have your boss take you seriously. Here are my suggestions for what to wear when you are on the clock!

OP- As charming as your Sugary Carnival one piece may be, it's best to leave it in the closet from nine to five. Instead, select a dress in a solid color or with a very simple, floral pattern. Choose your most casual petticoat, one that gives it only a slight flare, and you will be looking very smart indeed.

JSK- The same rules that I mentioned for the one piece (solid color or simple pattern and only slight poof) apply to a jumperskirt as well. When wearing a JSK I would lose the blouse and instead wear a casual bolero over it, which to me seems a little more work appropriate.

Blouse- When selecting a blouse less is more. Try to avoid blouses that have massive collars or ones that are covered in lace and bows. The simpler the better!

Skirt- High waisted skirts are a smart choice for any work environment, they make you look more like a grown up and less like a cupcake (not that there is anything wrong with looking like a cupcake, it can just be a little frustrating to give a presentation to a group who are only paying attention to your outfit).

Socks- Lose 'em, period. This is hard for me to say as I adore knee high socks but they just don't work for work. Try wearing tights instead or go with bare legs (yes it's a bit taboo in lolita but rules are made to be broken).

Shoes- Depending on what lolita shoes you own they may or may not be welcome in your place of work. I would choose tea party shoes over rocking horse ones, and make sure that they are in a neutral color. If all the loli shoes you own are super chunky and have heart buckles on them then why not wear a cute pair of pumps? Besides, mainstream fashion shoes are so lovely and they can also make your outfit a bit sexy too!

These suggestions are not there to limit your style or to try and suppress your creativity, they are just to create an opportunity for you to wear lolita more often! If you work eight hour days, five days a week, then that is an extra forty hours you can spend in frills! Yay!

OP: KidsYoyo
JSK: Innocent World
Blouse: Anna House
Skirt: Innocent World
Shoes: Dillards 

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