Friday, February 11, 2011

A Guide to Mbok

Mbok is an online auction website where many lolis find big savings on second hand brand items. Often you can save 50% or snag the latest sold out item. However Mbok is entirely in Japanese and it can be very daunting to navigate. For your assistance here is my guide to successfully navigating and buying an item off of Mbok.

Step One: First go to

Step Two: Type in the brand name of your choice into the search bar at the top. Press enter. You should get a page like the one below. You will notice that there are only 21 items available, that's no good at all.

Step Three: Click on the first item on the list, in this case a Baby the Stars Shine Bright bag. At the top of the page, above an ad, you will see a list of Japanese symbols broken up by arrows. Click the second to last set of symbols.

Step Four: Now you should see a new list! You will notice that this new list has many more pages, full of Baby the Stars Shine Bright items! If you do not see this list and are instead directed to another page follow Step Three again with another item on the list that your original search generated.

Step Five: You may change the order of the items by pressing the circled link. Click it once to view the items from the lowest price to highest, click it once more if you'd like to see the most expensive items to the cheapest. All that's left to do now is browse the items by scrolling through the list. If you want to see an item in more detail just click on it (this process is just like Ebay really).

Step Six: Once you have found an item that you like make sure to note how much it costs. Prices will be listed in red and are displayed in yen. Note that the prices may increase as this is a bidding website.

Step Seven: If you decide that you would like to bid on the item, copy and paste the page address at the top of your browser and open your e-mail.

Step Eight: Write an e-mail to your shopping service of choice asking for them to bid on the item for you. Make sure to include the link to the post and how much your maximum bid would be (in yen). The only shopping service I've ever used is Mai Ozawa, there has been no need for me to try out another service as she has always been wonderful. If you'd like to use her shopping service send her an e-mail at and please let her know that Raegan Quinn recommended her to you!

I hope that my guide made shopping using Mbok easier for you. Let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy shopping!


  1. I love you! *_*
    Thank you so much! =D

  2. Lol, I love you too! I hope that this helps you get together your first full coordinate (which I am still eagerly awaiting btw). :D

  3. Thank you for posting this guide and offering a shopping service. I've been wanting to try for a while now but feeling nervous to select the right service. This makes me feel more confident. :)

  4. You're welcome Lizzer. Good luck!

  5. I wonder who taught you this -- huummm

    Looveee youuu

  6. Hee hee! It seems like so long ago!

  7. It kinda was! Lol -- like, over a year maybe? XD

  8. Thanks, that is helpful. I can navigate Yahoo Japan just fine but I'm unfamiliar with Mbook.

    About keywords... here
    is a list with japanese keywords (brandnames and such). They lik to y!japan but you can copypaste into mbook I suppose.

  9. If you use Chrome, it will translate the page for you automatically. The list to the side of the main brand page is types of items, so you can click on those and just see cutsews or OPs or w/e. :)

  10. how long does Mai take to rely to emails? :) this was amazing u are a star!!

  11. She usually replies to me within a day, but sometimes it can be two or three if she's busy.
    You're so welcome!

  12. eep as lovely as she is she charges 20% on top of the full total which is alittle much specially when your paying hundreds already @__@ such a shame about that sadfully!

  13. I'm new to buying lolita fashion, you pretty much saved my life with this tutorial. Thank you so much! Looking forward to reading your other posts~

  14. How much does the shopping service cost?

  15. Hi May I know if ozawa mai still does this service? and any item on mbok? Or only Lolita stuff??


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